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Solin: Moodle Customization Specialists

Moodle Atuned to Your e-Learning Environment

St. Gregory

Your e-learning needs are at the heart of our Moodle services.

Our expertise in developing templates, plugins and links - gained in projects for many customers - allows us to adapt Moodle to your situation.

Your Organization is the Measure for Moodle
By developing plugins and customizations for Moodle, we help you out with:

  • Training materials fit for your students, employees
  • Using your own exercise types in Moodle
  • Compiling reports and summaries with the information you need

Moodle Without Limits
Moodle is usually just one part of your ict infrastructure. We build the links between Moodle and your other systems. This allows you e.g to login to Moodle with your corporate account. Or to use data from other e-learning systems inside Moodle.

Basic Services
You are not using Moodle yet? We offer basic services to get you started: installation, design (Moodle themes) and hosting.

Totara for Enterprise Solutions
Totara is the enterprise version of Moodle. Totara has a number of additional features, such as support for organizational roles (positions), extended reporting, and individual learning plans. Solin delivers plugins and customizations for Totara, too.


Moodle is the most widely used Learning Management System (or LMS for short) in the world.

Trainers and teachers turn to Moodle for the development of course content, presenting learning materials online and managing classes.

Moodle is a trademark of the Moodle Trust.


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